Debbie Desormeaux

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Debbie's Story

I started Hospitality Basket in Lancaster Pennsylvania in 1996 after teaching kindergarten for several years. I was involved in a severe car accident in 1992 and was told that I could never teach again. I knew that I wanted to do something where I could work with people and be of service and this lead to starting Hospitality Basket.

My family moved around frequently when I was young and I know how difficult it can be to move to a new home and new city. A friendly face and helpful information can make that move a bit easier.

I graduated from Acadiana High School in 1971 and my family moved to Pennsylvania where I attended Millersville University and received my BS in Education in 1975 and was married in the same year. I have two children, both grown and on their own.

In 2002 I received an e-mail from a friend asking if I was coming to our class reunion. That e-mail led to a visit and then several visits and in November 2003, I married Dean Desormeaux , my high school sweetheart.

I moved Hospitality Basket to Lafayette, and Dean and I have worked to make it a part of Acadiana and a new Lafayette tradition for twelve years.

I love working with businesses and helping them grow in target markets. My partner businesses are like family and I give 100% and sometimes a bit more to make sure that Hospitality Basket is a profitable advertising program.

I am an active member of the Greater Lafayette Chamber of Commerce and am a member of their Ambassador’s Club. I am also a member of Welcoming Services International, a group of business professionals who have similar services as Hospitality Basket. I also use Facebook and our websites to promote our partner businesses and keep their services and products current and in the spotlight.

When I am not working with clients or doing visits, I love cooking and baking to share with friends and family. I also enjoy knitting and crafts. Dean and I love to vacation along the Gulf Coast and in the mountains of Tennessee.

As you can probably tell, I love to talk and meet new people. Networking in Lafayette is a big part of what I enjoy. I do this for Hospitality Basket and for my partner businesses and love to connect people who need each other for business products and services.