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How does the Hospitality Basket Program work?
New movers receive a personal visit in their home by Debbie Desormeaux, where the partner businesses and families are introduced. The visit is a friendly method of showing the recipient why the sponsor businesses are unique and gives them an invitation to sample the products or services at their convenience.

How long does a visit take?
That is pretty much up to the visit recipient. Some new movers have many questions and the visit may last over an hour. Visits are very much a conversation and for that reason, each visit is very much unique. Time is given to each sponsor and any questions about the sponsor are covered completely. This is why I take a special interest in learning about each business that I represent.

Will I know what families are visited on my behalf?

Yes, each month our partner businesses receive a Prospect List. The list will give the name and addresses of each family visited and are essential for follow up and tracking the effectiveness of the Hospitality Basket Program.

Is there a contract and a cost to sponsor the Hospitality Basket Program?
Yes, there is a minimum six month contract. This gives the visit recipient time to use their invitation and gives the business time to do a follow up. The cost is billed after the visits are completed for the number of homes visited and are extremely affordable in comparison to other forms of advertising. And you know just where each advertising dollar goes.

How long has the Hospitality Basket Program been doing visits in the community?
Hospitality Basket began in Lancaster County Pennsylvania in 1996 and is still in business there. Hospitality Basket began visits in Lafayette in 2002.