Debbie Desormeaux

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What People are Saying about Working with Hospitality Basket:

"The Hospitality Basket Program gives us the opportunity to invite the new movers into our store and show them our excellent products and services. It has been a success for us."
 ~Blaine Broussard, NuNu's Fresh Market, NuNu's Cajun Seasoning

"I have partnered with Debbie Desormeaux at Hospitality Basket for over a year and I really appreciate the passion she has for her home visits.  She really 'gets the word out' for the businesses who participate in Hospitality Basket and Basket Babies.  I would recommend Debbie and Hospitality Basket to anyone who wants to get a jump on getting new clients or customers."
~Kathy Tate, Trust Acadiana

"Debbie offers her sponsors a creative, unique venue to drive new customers to their businesses in an extremely cost effective manner!"
~Rick Watkins, Trust Acadiana 


"Debbie Desormeaux is one of the kindest and most generous hearted business owners I have ever met!  Her heartfelt enthusiasm to help others prosper and feel welcomed are why Hospitality Basket continues to thrive and grow! If ever I met someone who is working in their God-given gift it is definitely Debbie. She continues to give more support to her partners than is ever expected. Thank you for helping our business name get out and into this great community."  

~Janice & Greg Powell, Victory Silks & Interiors

“Debbie offers a unique service to businesses through Hospitality Basket. I have contracted her services on behalf of clients, and my experiences with her have always been positive. In fact, I find that she bends over backwards to accommodate clients and help promote them in every way she can even beyond the welcome baskets. As a Lafayette Chamber of Commerce Ambassador, she is well connected within the business community and is a valuable ally in spreading the word about your business to other movers and shakers across Acadiana! Also, her rates are more affordable and her approach more targeted than most other advertising vehicles out there.”  

~Lisa Blackburn, Digitial Sales Representative at User Friendly Media

"Hospitality Baskets, Owner, Debbie Desarmeaux, is a true professional in every since of the word. She does what she says she'll do, when she says she'll do it. She is professional, friendly, warm, and Hospitality Baskets, is the perfect fit for her. She has a welcoming personality that makes every comfortable from the moment you meet her. I am proud to call her a friend and business associate."

~Sue Bosch, Owner of Celebrations

“Debbie is the perfect person to run such a personalized business. She makes genuine connections, a rare talent today. Hospitality Basket is a great idea, and Debbie is a great businesswoman.” 

~Aileen Bennett

 "Debbie is so good at what she does at Hospitality Basket.  She goes out of her way to help people who move to Lafayette become familiar with the area, and the businesss.  I would recommend her to anyone who would want to increase the growth and prosperity of their company."

 ~Jane Boudreaux

“Debbie Desormeaux is one of the kindest most generous people I’ve ever met. She really goes above and beyond for both the families she visits and the businesses that sponsor her service. For the right type of business, her service is invaluable."  

~Caroline Barry 


"Debbie is one of the best and most welcoming people I know.  She has lived in Acadiana for decades but still remembers what is like to be new in town.  This unique perspective makes her the perfect person to help new families find the resources they need whether they are also new in town or are seeking new resources after the birth of their little one."  

~Susan P. Billeaud


"Debbie, your service is such a blessing to our community! Thanks for this blessing!!"  

~Suzanne Inzerella


"Hospitality Basket is a great service for newcomers to the area! Debbie is a pleasure to work with and we are very pleased to be a partner with her company."  

~Kris Roche, Kart Ranch


"Thankful that we have partnered with Hospitality Basket.  Having our letter in the welcome packets helps newcomers to the area know about our private club and our 61 tradition.  Debbie loves her job and partners. That comes through when she goes over the material."  

~Jeanne Lantier, Petroleum Club of Lafayette


"Hospitality Basket is a wonderful welcoming service!  Debbie personally visits new residents and families with information on all of Acadiana.  It's really a great marketing tool if you own or manage a business because Debbie talks about your business to these new residents.  Before you know it, you have regular customers visiting you, all because Debbie promoted your business in Hospitality Basket!  Highly recommended."

~Angie Eckman, ADWORX


"Promoting our dental practice through Hospitality Basket just makes sense. It introduces us to a new crop of potential patients each month, many who are newcomers to the Acadiana area. Plus, Debbie is a pleasure to work with."

~Dr. Curtis H. Roy